Pris Verglukar

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User script for the IKEA website that saves you money! Reverse engineering the IKEA API for profit.

Drawing of a person figuring out how to build furniture

When it comes to chain stores, one expects the price to be the same across their retail network. However, where international companies are concerned, occasionally a better deal is just a border crossing away.

To help with this search I wrote a userscript in JavaScript that runs in a browser extension like Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey. When visiting an IKEA product page, it shows the price of the same item in the alternative country of your choice. Often, significant savings can be had - the BEKANT desk combo is €240 cheaper in the Netherlands than in Belgium

Ikea logo
Ikea logo
Passion project, Belgium
Reverse engineering IKEA API and presenting savings to user
Technologies / Tools
Javascript, Postman