Nerdland Year Review

Nerdland logo made up of all the usernames

Overview of the year on the Nerdland Discord server, statistics per channel and awards for users who collected the most 📼's on a post.

Example of a statistics image of the #coding channel

This project came about very spontaneously. As I was going through my Spotify Wrapped I immediately knew I hit up my good friend Thomas Loriers adn explained the idea to him.

He did the visual representation of the data while I wrote the script to scrape all the messages. I used NodeJS to write a script that fetches all messages in the chosen channels of the Discord server using Discord's own API. I opted for this approach instead of using a bot because that would spoil the surprise as people would see it in the users list.

The codebase consists of two parts, one for scraping all messages, and one for processing all that data to a csv which was used to generate the graphics.

For the final part of this project we made the Nerdland logo out of all the nicknames of everyone who sent a message that year.

Nerdland logo made up of all the usernames
Nerdland logo made up of all the usernames
Passion project, Belgium
Code for scraping and processing messages
Technologies / Tools
NodeJS, Discord