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Getting up with your favourite songs from Spotify. Right from the comfort of your bed! Hacking morning laziness.

Showcasing the P command, it presents an embed in Discord containing the title, release date, album and duration of the song you're currently listening to. It also shows the album art

8 AM, the alarm clock wakes you up, you have to get out of bed but it's so cozy under the sheets. To make my mornings more pleasant I decided to create a way to have Spotify playing through my speakers automatically when my alarm goes off!

A temporary solution I considered was using SSH to execute commands on the pc and the Spotify app on my phone to start the songs. However this was not user friendly.

So for the actual solution I used a macro on my phone to automatically send a WOL packet to my pc after the alarm goes off.

The second part is a discord bot that starts automatically with the pc. It sends several request to the Spotify API to select the pc as playback device and to start playing my Liked Songs.

For fun I also extended the bot with some extra commands which you can view down below

Discord bot's profile icon
Discord bot's profile icon
Passion project, Belgium
Integration between backend, Spotify API and Discord
Technologies / Tools
Javascript, Postman